How to Write a Board Report

The board members of a company are the most important individuals that it has, and they are the ones who have the most to do with its success. The best way to give them the information they require to make good decisions is by writing an effective board report. Poor reports can deceive the board and lead to an absence of efficiency It is therefore essential to do your homework when writing these reports.

Many people make the error of including too many details in their board reports. It’s easy to get caught up with requesting and collecting data from various departments or areas of the business, but remember that your board isn’t going to read it all. They’re limited in time and need to quickly be able to comprehend the relevant sections of your board’s report to make a decision.

Another mistake that many people make is not providing practical recommendations or insight. This is among the most crucial elements of a report as it sets the stage for discussion during the meeting. Include the main points of your board report into a succinct executive summary that your board members can easily understand.

Last but not least among the most common mistakes is excessive jargon and technical content in a board report. Be aware that board members may not be familiar with your industry and will not always understand the complexities of technical terms or data without context. Use visuals to help board members understand the data. Software tools such as Whatagraph can make this process easier.

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