162: Angular Momentum

As an instance, there are 7993 thousand singles of each sexes between the ages of 18 and 19. This can be simply carried out, as the inverse creepiness rule is “you can’t date individuals older than twice (your age minus 7 years)”. This third step takes him to his laptop in the fourth Black Wink password panel the place he does plenty of analysis on snake venom. The relationship recommendation given in the title text on utilizing breadth-first search may not be meant too significantly. However, one may be extra positive about what sort of person one is in search of after already having dated a few folks.

While resting at a miniature river, the lady discovers that they’re on the cliff of a giant waterfall. After contemplating it, they decide to discover what the mountains are like. Hairy makes use of the DFS approach, as indicated within the comedian title, which implies going so far as you probably can down one path before looking at different prospects. This turns out to be a bad thought, as Hairy’s searches takes him out on a tangent.

Time (xkcd)

preparation, we will survive pressures over a dozen atmospheres. Different physique methods break down at totally different depths, however certainly one of the


physics.) The Earth changed course because we were watching time run

Angular momentum

if the pressure enhance is rapid), and at the identical time start slipping

It did not even have anything to do with the

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A death-first search is if you lose your keys and journey to the depths of hell to search out them, after which if they’re not there you start checking your coat pockets. The title textual content continues the path where the person has confused a seagull for a map by inquiring if the (presumed) seagull could be a banshee primarily based on the effect of its screams. The title textual content additionally jokes that the period of time Megan is gaining from spinning may additionally not be value her threat of vomiting due to the dizziness.

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